At, the Seller is a First Class Citizen

Our commitment is with the seller, who for us is and will continue to be a First Class Citizen. In my extensive marketplace experience, a happy seller produces happy and loyal buyers.

By Elias Chavando, President and CEO of

It’s that easy and simple, The Seller is a First Class Citizen for us and that’s how we serve them. As they deserve, with respect, clear reports, fair commissions, reasonable costs and most importantly, giving them complete control of their customers, sales and returns.

What do I mean by this? Well, unlike other online sales platforms (marketplaces) such as, eBay, among others, at we focus on providing the best service and attention to those who sell (SMEs, manufacturers, producers and resellers) and we empower them so that they serve their customers directly, as it should be.

Creating a store in a marketplace to sell your products should be the same as renting retail space in a shopping center. You pay rent and the shopping center owner should only be in charge of providing customer traffic and supplying electricity, water, internet, and security so that you can sell and progress, but definitely should not serve your customers or manipulate or repackage your products or your prices. That is the main responsibility of the seller.

In the case of Amazon, they charge you rent for having your store, very high commissions, and advertising on their own platform, and they want to control the transaction, and the pricing and interact directly with YOUR customers. Besides, in most categories, they promote their own less expensive products that are often of lower quality or mostly Chinese-made products.

Imagine having a store in the Mall of the Americas or any other shopping mall and allowing others, mostly foreigners, to serve your customers, keep 50% of your profits and not even let you talk to the customers who bought your product. What they are doing does not make sense and we are already seeing the great discontent of the sellers for their anti-seller practices.

With the rise and burning ambition to control the sales, products, logistics, payments, and customer service of the other marketplaces, it has unleashed a trend focused on the buyer and they have forgotten the seller. These marketplaces charge commissions, advertising, and other hidden charges that in most cases reach up to 50% or 70% of the sale. In addition, they accept returns and claims sometimes more than 60 days after the purchase without consulting the seller or even verifying if the product was returned due to faults or defects.

In the case of returns, a few weeks ago a tool seller in shared with us that he is experiencing a high rate of fraud and abuse. People buy tools, use them for 15, 20, 30 and up to 60 days to return them used, damaged and accepts these returns without asking questions and taking the money from your account in what seems like 2 seconds.

Another seller, who sells auto parts, shared with us that they have seen how people, for example, buy high-quality shock absorbers, install them on their cars, and return the used ones. accepts these returns without asking questions or verifying what the buyer returns. In several cases, people have sent bricks or stones in the packages they return. Apparently, there are videos on TikTok of dishonest people explaining how to make “ghost” returns to Of course, this type of fraud is not monitored by the authorities and is not shared by the studies carried out by various associations and the seller ends up paying all the time. never looses.

At, the seller controls 100% of the return policies, and credit is only granted to the buyer when the products have been returned in the same conditions in which they were sold and when the seller approves the credit. Sure, if the product is defective, doesn’t work, or isn’t what was advertised, the buyer deserves a new one. But returns are not accepted if the product is fine and was only used as a free rental.

Earnings – We are great promoters of a win-win culture. We want our vendors to earn as much as they can and that buyers (your customers) have an excellent user experience and save when shopping at We are achieving this with our fixed sales commissions of 7% in all categories and with full transparency in all our reports. sellers know exactly how much they sold, and more importantly, how much they are earning.

Our commitment is with the seller, who for us is and will continue to be a First Class Citizen. In my extensive marketplace experience, a happy seller produces happy and loyal buyers.

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  1. Good article. Looking forward to working with you. Thanks for the eye-opening information about fraudulent practices etc at many marketplace platforms.

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