Amazon now wants to handle your customer service

Well, Amazon now wants to handle your customer service department. Seriously? What is next? Are they taking over your factory?

First, Amazon is not good at customer service for its own platform. Every time I request service I either get a template answer on email from, perhaps a bot or if I get to speak with a live agent, I usually get a person from India or Pakistan that claims to be living in Australia. Nothing wrong with their nationality or their location but having such a remote team is a problem on so many fronts including culture, knowledge, and ideologies. 

Secondly, I wonder if their Australia-based team will handle your customers and how the training will be done. I can reasonably assume that they will not let you monitor the conversations, or they will charge extra for this feature.

As a general, old marketing and sales rule that applies today and will apply well into the future; NEVER DELEGATE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. NEVER!

Now, another problem with this new service and based on Amazon’s practices, if you don’t use these services and pay for them, your listings for self-fulfill listings will disappear even further in the search results. Amazon punishes sellers that don’t “obey” their rules. 

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