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+We are a modern, not crowded, and relevant Marketplace where the sellers are first-class citizens.

+We operate under the eCommerce 5.0 protocol. You sell, you ship, and you communicate with customers. They are your customers.

+We are being very selective on whom we bring on board and we are looking for the best of the best only.

+We strive to prevent and eliminate returns and always advocate for the seller.

+Our membership levels depend on the number of SKUs you plan to sell on and include your own branded URL, and a free branded website to help drive traffic to your listings and increase your online validation.

+Our value proposition is simple and extremely attractive to sellers:

+ Low monthly membership fees based on the number of SKUs in your store

+ Low commission rates (7%)

+ Fair and simple, in-platform, auction-based advertising

+ Less competition

+ Full control of buyers’ data

Helpful tips before you apply:

1. You will be required to upload documents to validate your identity and business information (for example, government-issued ID, articles/certificate of incorporation, Business License, etc.) that matches your company name and address as provided on the application. In certain cases, we will use a third-party verification company to expedite the process.

2. After filling out the application, you might be provided with conditional approval in order to set up your product catalog and store on Yoover Marketplace seller dashboard. The final step of going live is subject to review from our business and compliance teams. Should you fail the review, Yoover reserves the right to revoke your access to the seller dashboard and terminate the agreement at any time as per our seller agreement.

3. You must be a properly formed US business entity with experience selling on marketplaces to be able to sell on Currently, we do not accept foreign corporations.

4. By submitting your application, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of the Comprehensive Yoover Marketplace Program Retailer Agreement (including the Retailer Policies), as this Agreement (or the Retailer Policies) may be updated from time in accordance with this Agreement.

Once you are ready to proceed, please start the application here:

Yoover America's Marketplace
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