Online Sales Consulting - Road to Profitability

There are hundreds of “consultants” and self-proclaimed experts who promise to get you sales on Amazon and other marketplaces. Their job is not very complicated as getting you more sales is easy when they are using your money to overspend on advertising without even thinking about margins.

We specialize in generating profits, period.

While other “consultants” talk about ACOS (advertising cost of sales), PPC (pay per click), and ROAS (Return of ad spend), we analyze the key factors that determine profitability.

We focus on the viability and profitability of your entire catalog or individual products. By taking a closer look at your COGS (cost of goods sold), advertising, operating, shipping, returns, customer service, and other expenses that determine the P&L (Profit and Loss) we can give you a complete overview and recommend steps to take to reach your goals.

When a client hires us to improve their online sales and profitability, they hire a team of online experts who know how to survive (make money) in the eCommerce world.

How do we work:

  1. We start with an initial 30-minute consultation. The investment for this consultation is $125
  1. We will then decide on the next steps, sign a simple engagement letter and NDA, and begin to work.
  1. We will then have follow-on meetings and ask you for detailed information about your products and operations. We may interview your sales or e-commerce team to get a better picture of what is really going on.
  1. Using our own marketplaces and depending on the level of engagement we decide to mutually take, we may conduct trial sales to test your systems and customer service.
  1. We will deliver a complete assessment and recommended steps for you to implement.

We usually complete our analysis in less than 30 days* and that may depend on your availability, the size of your catalog, and the information you provide to us.

Our deliverables include a road map to profitability, facts, and figures for you to make the right and necessary adjustments to reach maximum profitability.

*In urgent situations where quick but methodical decisions need to be made, we can accelerate our process.

Why are we better?

  • We sell online, in all marketplaces
  • We manufacture and sell our own products online
  • We have been selling on Amazon for over 14 years
  • Our consultants have been part of the founding teams of the largest marketplaces in the world
  • We also own and operate two marketplaces
  • We understand that you need to be selling your products everywhere and we will help you price your products for each marketplace and to remain competitive


What qualifications do our Online Sales Consultant have?

Our Sales Consultants are eCommerce experts with a minimum of 12 years of experience selling on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Walmart,,, and their own online stores and some of them also have physical stores. We are experienced people that have tried and tested every possible trick and gadget to maximize sales and profits and know what works and what does not.

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